Dr. Bruce attended Florida Southern College in Lakeland Fl. and Southern College of Optometry in Memphis Tenn. Dr. Bruce also received clinical training at Eye Center of Florida in Fort Myers, FL.

Dr. Bruce received specialty training for Accelerated Orthokeratology and Precise Corneal Molding (1994), became a Certified VST®/Ortho-K Specialist (2004) via The Institute for Eye Research and is a Certified DreamLens® Specialist.

Dr. Bruce designs and prescribes reverse geometry lenses for post refractive surgery paitents.

Dr. Bruce has been in private practice for 27 years  he currently leases offices in both Plant City Florida and Lakeland, Florida for the convience of his patients.

Dr. Bruce is a Board Certified Optometric Physician providing full-scope primary eye care since 1979 His scope of work includes but not limited to: Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, non-surgical care of the anterior and posterior segments, minor in office foreign body removals total case management for all types of contact lenses and pre-and post-operative Lasik and cataract care.

Dr. Bruce Subspecialties include: Low Vision, Lacrimology/Dry Eye, Specialty Contact Lenses, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Accelerated Orthokeratology/Corneal Molding/Vision Shaping Treatment.

Dr. Bruce is also one of a select group of optometrists in the country that is a  certified nutrition specialist. The combination of optometry and nutrition enables Dr. Bruce to handle just about any question that may arrise. His unique gift of discussing even the toughest questions with patients from all over the country with his easy to understand terminology has made him one of the most popular Optometrist in Central Florida.

Dr. Bruce is always talking to his patients about the benefit of a comprehensive eye exam along with the importance of proper nutrition, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for overall health and good eye health.

Dr. Bruce has obtained the cherished position of an Eagle Scout Order of the Arrow.  The Order of the Arrow is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America. Dr. Bruce has been married to his wife Alice for over 24 years and they have 5 children with 3 grandchildren. Dr. Bruce enjoys fishing, boating and traveling.

Ideally, most folks should trust their eyesight to our Board Certified Optometric Physician!

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